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1996 - 1997
1997 - 1998
1998 - 1999
since 1999

Activities since 1999

1.      The university in Ostrava / CZ developed an own infrastructure with the following tasks

        Co-operation between the universities of Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC)

        Co-operation between EC an CEEC

For this purpose a data base was developed which collects the data of projects (e.g. short descriptions, intention of the project, existing teaching material)


Prof. Oldrich Chytil
University of Ostrava
Medico Social Faculty
Dept. of Social Work
Phone: +420 596 624 141


2.     In Kaunas / Lithuania the VYTAUTAS MAGNUS UNIVERSITY (VDU) and the KAUNAS TECHNOLOGY UNIVERITY (KTU) conducted in September 2000 a conference with the topic "Social Professions for a Social Europe - a way ahead".

Sponsor: Municipality of Kaunas, Lithuanian Republic